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Coronavirus - Customer Communication

London, UK, 15 May 2020

As the UK Government sets out its plans for moving to the next phase of its response to the virus and turns its focus to rebuilding and recovering, we too are preparing a roadmap for how we will recover and how we can continue to offer you the best service we can, whilst also looking after our people and minimising the spread of the virus.

This will be a phased approach over the coming months, but we want to address any concerns customers may have about how the latest UK Government update impacts our services and support.

What are we doing?

Our task force continues to meet twice a week to specifically monitor and manage the business implications and response to Covid-19.
We remain focused on two priorities:

  1. To continue to safeguard the health and safety of our employees, customers and their families; and
  2. To continue to provide our product and services to our customers.

Safeguarding the health and safety of our employees, customers and their families

All employees that can work from home will continue to so do so. Those employees that must work outside of the home- such as our workshop and warehouse employees and field service engineers, continue to undertake their duties but with careful consideration for their safety and social distancing measures. Wherever possible, we are working with customers to fix any challenges remotely.

All employees working at our sites are observing the safety guidelines provided by the WHO and the UK Government. Consideration has been given to their safety and that of our customers, with new measures in place to ensure a 2-metre distance being always adhered to.

When a problem cannot be fixed remotely, we have instructed all employees who attend customer sites to follow the customer's site instructions and phone ahead to ensure methods are in place that adhere to necessary distancing guidelines.

Our commitment to delivering the best possible service to our customers remains, but all customer engagements and partner meetings will remain virtual for the time being.

All employees have been advised that if they experience any symptoms of COVID-19, they must notify our HR Operations team, who are recording this in a central tracker which is reviewed daily. 

To date, in the UK, we have a small number of colleagues who have tested positive for the virus or are displaying potential symptoms and are now in isolation. We review this daily and are not seeing a concerning increase- numbers have stayed relatively static. We have also confirmed employees at risk as per Government guidelines, and they too are in isolation. Exact numbers are available if required but may change daily.

Like many businesses, we took the decision to furlough some employees and we continue to monitor our business and customer requirements carefully to ensure we have the people available to support where required.

Continuity of our product and services:

Operations in our production facilities and warehouses in China have resumed to a stabilised output level. Other Konica Minolta Group Operations including our European warehouses have gone back to regular operations to ensure we can fully meet the needs of our customers.

Our toner plant in France has ramped up production in the second half of April and is now running three shifts per day and with this is back to normal operation level. The toner deliveries from Japan, which were to make up some of the backlog due to the plant closure in France, also arrived in the second half of April so all customer demands can be met.

Our factories have been working closely with each supplier for the procurement of parts necessary for production.

Most of the Konica Minolta products are designed as IOT devices, platforms or applications that allow remote connectivity. Our first response is to resolve customer issues remotely without intervention onsite and are working hard to extend the services, support and capabilities of our remote service toolset to support our customer's business continuity. Only if we need to ensure connectivity or replace hardware, will a service engineer visit you.

We are currently monitoring the UK Government guidelines to review our operations and ensuring we can meet the needs of our customers. We are confident that our policies and procedures are in full compliance with the Government's risk assessments and guidance and will continue to keep you updated should anything change.

For any further information, please contact your relevant Konica Minolta contact, or refer to Konica Minolta Business Solutions (UK) Limited’s website.





We have collected relevant information about Best Practises for MFD when return to work.

Please download them here.