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This document is designed to provide you with essential contact details across various areas of Konica Minolta to help streamline your communication and enhance your overall experience with us. 


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Several sheets run through the machine at the same time or pull skewed

Possible reasons may be:

  • The front edges of the paper are not even (e.g. folded or have dog ears)
  • The paper is too damp due to high humidity

Often you can solve the problem by:
  • Remove the paper, straighten the front edges and put the paper back
  • Remove the damp paper and replace it with new, dry paper

Paper Jam Message Stays On

Possible reasons may be:

  • That the front door must be opened and closed again to reset the machine
  • That paper is still stuck in the machine

Often you can solve problems by:
  • Open and close the front door again
  • Check the paper aisle again to make sure you have removed all stuck pieces of paper

Duplex Jam

Possible reasons may be: 

  • That you use paper that is not supported (e.g. wrong size, thickness, type, etc.)
  • That the paper is still stuck in the machine

Often you can solve the problem by:
  • Use the recommended print media and make sure the recommended side of the print media is facing up in the tray. Plain paper, recycled paper, especially paper, and thick media can automatically run duplex if the media type is set correctly in the driver
  • Make sure you don't have mixed media types in the tray
  • You don't duplex on envelopes, labels, stationery, postcards, blank media, or single-sided paper
  • Check the paper aisle in duplex again to make sure you have removed all the stuck pieces of paper

Pay attention to this when loading paper into the machine

  • Air the paper well and then assemble the pile by tapping it against a flat surface before placing it in the tray
  • Make sure the adjustable paper guide is correctly positioned
  • Do not overfill the paper tray. Fill only the paper tray for the mark on the inside of the tray
  • Do not open the paper trays while the machine is printing
  • Do not use folded, damp or crumpled paper and do not mix different types of paper in one tray
  • Use only recommended print media and make sure the recommended side of the print media is facing up in the tray

Be aware of this in relation to the storage of paper

The paper for your machine should always be stored correctly. Storing the paper incorrectly may result in poor print quality, paper misreading, or other challenges on the printer.

  • Do not store paper in damp places
  • Do not expose the paper to direct sunlight
  • Store the paper on a flat surface
  • Store the paper in the packaging in which it is supplied

Avoid turning off your machines

Older models in particular do not benefit from being turned off. If you turn off your machines anyway, it can result in machines subsequently having to be reinstalled, which is both time-consuming and expensive. The machines will automatically enter standby mode.



Can I change the levels of rights per user?

Yes! Ebiz is there for you to tailor to your needs, you can assign different levels of rights to each user under User administration.

How can I view the machines I deal with only?

To view only your machines, you would need to create a group under machine administration, in the same section you can then assign user visibility so that you can only see your machines. Once you have created the group and assigned your user visibility, please contact someone within the Remote Support Department who can ensure this has been done. (For assistance with how to create groups/ assign user visibility please refer to Ebiz User Guide)

I do not want certain users seeing details of invoices can this be changed?

If you have User administration rights you can change what is on view on the Ebiz account, you can remove the viewing of Invoices and various other applications to tailor your requirements by unticking the options on Access Levels rights

I have machines that are missing from my account / that are no longer on site?

If there are machines that are missing from your account, please raise these with the bgb-ebiz-admin-support@konicaminolta.co.uk who will be able to check that the information is correct on the system. Machines will still appear on your Ebiz account after they have been collected until they have been final billed by the billing department and removed from your contract

We are a service desk that cover multiple schools, can all schools be on one account?

Ebiz accounts are set up via the account number, if the schools are on different account numbers then unfortunately these will have to go on separate account.

What happens when we book a service call on the portal?

The service call will be booked immediately and triaged in the same way it would if you were to call the service desk.

When will I receive my order placed on Ebiz?

You can track your order by going onto the orders tab.  The consumable orders option will show you all toners, waste toner imaging units etc and the orders option will show you any kit that is on its way. On the order page you can see the shipping status of the order, if you then click into the order in question, and click into more information you can then find your tracking URL.

Where can I see my products on Ebiz?

You can view your products by navigating to the My Products Tab, under this tab there are two drop downs, my machines and my solutions.

Where do I input my meter readings and what to do if the system will not allow me to enter reads?

You can enter your meter readings singularly or as a group. You can do this via the machines tab, by clicking into the relevant device and selecting "add a counter reading" alternatively you can do this via the counters tab. You can find an excel/pdf template on here which you can download and then resubmit if you have a mass number of reads to upload.  If you are unable to submit reads if the previous reads are higher than the ones you are submitting, please contact our billing department. 

Why do I have limits on what I can order on Ebiz?

Within your contract we do have order limits. If you require extra toner for any reason you can make notes within the order to advise of this and the Remote Support Department can assist with the extra toners.