Connect - Learn - Grow with PROKOM

IIn our post-pandemic industry, the business aspects are paramount for print providers. It is all about reducing costs, improving efficiency, growing revenue, and achieving higher profitability. Prokom is the user community of Konica Minolta users, where they can connect with other print providers, learn from each other in order to grow their business. In this session, Prokom members share how they are able to thrive in these challenging times.

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Brimming with interactive features but with no need to download any software, you will receive a one to one immersive demonstration from our experts focusing on the key product features and applications and how these bring many benefits to your business.


RETHINK Professional Print

Our market-leading Accurio range of digital printing systems and software reflects their advanced, automated and accurate nature. Key strengths and attributes include: eliminating routine technology burdens and saving time. And by eliminating the repetitive manual tasks required it cuts down on errors, reducing waste and production costs.


Join Prokom

Prokom is the Konica Minolta User Community where you can find market research, information and practical tools, which will help you become better informed, more productive and ultimately more profitable. At Prokom we believe it’s not just about what you make, it’s about what you make possible.