Experience seamless invoicing with Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta aims to provide a professional and clear service when receiving your invoices. We outline the options to support your invoicing setup upon signing. Learn how we can work best together to ensure your invoices are received to your needs and how we can help each other if there’s ever a time your invoicing is not fitting to support payment.

Why Choose Konica Minolta?

We exist solely for our customers; always thinking on their behalf, undertaking challenges together with them, and working tirelessly to bring them success and provide excitement that exceeds expectations both now and in the future.

Invoicing Options

Standard Invoicing

Konica Minolta offers standard invoicing as part of our service. All services will be invoiced within the agreed cycle as detailed in your contract. You will receive one invoice for rental charges (if applicable) and one for usage of the machines covering all your business locations. The invoices will be sent via PDF to one email inbox. Purchase orders can be applied to both rental (if applicable) and usage invoicing. Please note: The purchase orders must cover the full term of the contract.

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