Labels and Packaging

The market for packaging is growing, we even saw a peak during the first coronavirus lockdown in spring 2020. Particularly the segments of label printing and corrugated box production see a lot of boost. Let us show you how to combine both segments in one workflow.


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Book a virtual demo

Brimming with interactive features but with no need to download any software, you will receive a one to one immersive demonstration from our experts focusing on the key product features and applications and how these bring many benefits to your business.


RETHINK Label Printing

The benefits of using a Konica Minolta digital label press are almost limitless. It will help you to cut down or eliminate your label warehousing. It also allows you to bring your product to market quicker with its just-in-time production and short-run proofing.


RETHINK Embellishment

Our digital varnish solutions let you offer your customers profitable new products and services, upsell your day-to-day print jobs and increase your profit margins. Don’t just take our word for it – order your own sample kit and see for yourself!