While print providers constantly need to strive for differentiation from their competitors, in the present economic climate they have to reduce overheads and improve efficiencies. All equipment must be used to capacity to avoid devices and employees standing idle.

  • You need to extend your range of print products by offering creative online solutions.
  • You want to provide your services around the clock and streamline your job processing.
  • You have to avoid low production volumes and low revenues per employee.


AccurioPro Flux Ultimate

Job-Ticket based web submission around the clock.


Online job submission

Avoids confusion for providers and customers with just a single system for the complete order process

Online payment
Recognises all cost originators and correctly allocates costs for reliable invoicing

Online status tracking
Saves time on both sides, keeping customers up to date on the job status and avoiding telephone enquiries

Whatever a company’s IT capabilities, a suitable Web-to-Print solution is available – hosted or set up on the printer’s own server

Photo book creation
Gives customers the desired creativity and helps printing companies diversify with attractive new print products