Output Management

Sending a print job to the chosen output device is the simple and straightforward part of the print workflow. The complex task is controlling the output and directing it in such a way that the team, department or company make optimal use of all available printers, thus ensuring productive and cost efficient processes.

  • You cannot afford to have your staff wasting time on different digital front ends but need to unify prepress operations.
  • You have to monitor and control the job flow, ensure that output devices are used to capacity and print jobs produced in the shortest time at the lowest cost.
  • You need to avoid your employees printing their documents more than necessary.
  • It is essential that you establish viable, secure printing procedures for centrally installed output devices.


bEST Personal Print

Convenient pull printing and secure printing for small and medium businesses.

EFI Fiery Central

Centralised print control for maximised productivity

Konica Minolta JT Workflow 6

Provides a central point of control, including workflow automation as well as workload analysis.

Konica Minolta JT Basic 6

Basic entry-level product for professional job management.

PageScope My Print Manager

Follow-me printing takes user convenience and security aspects to a new level.


Server-based accounting software with quote management and versatile cost-recovery features.

YSoft SafeQ

Efficient print management for budget control & flexibility


Unified print room management

A unified DFE avoids having to adopt new operation procedures for every new printer or controller, reducing errors and misprints and increasing speed and throughput

Print policies and rules
Facilitates the usage of all available output devices to capacity, reducing printing costs and helping to change users’ attitudes to printing

Product-based job processing
Releases print room operators from repetitive tasks, reduces errors and misprints, and increases the overall efficiency of the print room

Print queue management
Enables the central management of print properties and their deployment to users’ workstations, ensuring completely secure printing while maintaining the convenience of simply printing and picking up the job