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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation within the workplace - How does your organisation compare?

The workplace is changing. Rows of static desks are going to the same scrapyard as the VHS video recorder. The 'At my desk, all the time' culture is over and clunky technology is no longer adequate. In a world where everyone has a smart phone, a smart meter and a smart TV, we expect information to flow seamlessly and be easily accessible, regardless of device or location.

We surveyed 100 senior IT decision makers as well as 1,000 office workers across the UK twice to identify:

  • The progress of the digital workplace project
  • Which projects organisations are focusing on to deliver digital transformation
  • The roadblocks that are inhibiting productivity at work
  • How to improve productivity at work using digital transformation

Download the report now. Learn about the results of the research and get a view of the key trends and state of the UK's drive towards the digital workplace.