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Giving Shape to Ideas

Green OPS

Green OPS

Tomorrow in mind

  • Sustainability and the minimisation of environmental impacts are daily challenges and an essential part of Konica Minolta’s management philosophy “The Creation of New Value”.
  • A multitude of milestones in Konica Minolta’s company history demonstrates how sustainability has always been a subject of our minds and hearts – for our products and services but also for the company itself.
  • We also face the future: Konica Minolta’s Eco Vision 2050 presents a long-term environmental vision to achieve our future objectives and fulfil our responsibility as a truly global company.
  • Konica Minolta’s sustainability efforts have been honoured in several ratings, with environmental labels and awards. This is not an end in itself; it encourages us to keep up the hard work and our high-set goals.

The GREEN side of the OPS approach

Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services (OPS) is a comprehensive and individual approach that encompasses environmental targets and balances them against economy.

In fact, Konica Minolta not only improves the efficiency of your document processes and output infrastructure but also reduces their environmental impact. Each of the three phases within the OPS concept integrates green aspects to the extent you prefer:

  • Consult: Konica Minolta’s consultants establish a quantified baseline and design an optimised solution, clearly showing the reduction of the environmental impact.
  • Implement: Our experts install a sustainable solution with energy-efficient MFPs and printers and help you in communicating the environmental targets to users.
  • Manage: Konica Minolta supports you in operating the hardware in an environmentally friendly way by keeping optimal operation performance.