Enabling Carbon Neutrality

Minimizing the impact on the environment and slowing global warming is one of the most important challenges for our society today. And it is up to every one of us to contribute to that aim.

Konica Minolta is one of the pioneers concerning the sustainable engagement in the printing industry. With “Eco Vision 2050,” we proactively support different projects to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases including CO2.

One important aspect is minimizing CO2 emissions over the whole product lifecycle. Our comprehensive programme, “Enabling carbon neutrality,” offers customers several steps to achieve the carbon-neutral operation of their devices and thus reduce the environmental impact – from small printers to professional production systems.

Carbon neutral printing – how it works:

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When opting for the carbon-neutral operation of your printing devices, you can also be sure that Konica Minolta will take care of offsetting all emissions generated during their production and transport.

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Naturally, at Konica Minolta we have adopted carbon-neutral printing ourselves:
Konica Minolta Europe has taken the first steps towards carbon neutrality by offsetting all CO2 emissions from the output devices used in the HQ in Langenhagen, Germany.

We have enlisted the support of the experts from ClimatePartner and calculate all carbon emissions by taking all significant emission sources like paper, toner and electricity into account.  These emissions are offset with certified carbon offset projects which will achieve a total CO2 offsetting of more than 290,000 kg CO2 equivalents within the next five years.