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Innovation at Konica Minolta

At Konica Minolta, we have Business Innovation Centres (BIC) located across globe, where our teams are focused on giving shape to ideas in a creative environment, through technology and business incubation. Passionate about creating new technologies to improve the lives of our global community, we have a strong focus on collaborating and co-innovating with clients, start-ups companies, academics and leading-edge partners to develop new offerings in the areas of digital workplace, sensing & information management, business technology and healthcare.

Read our thoughts on the Genius of Things

There is currently a lot of hype around the ‘Internet of Things’ making it is very easy to get carried away with the media frenzy. Download our white paper to make sense of the ‘Internet of Things’ and to find out more about what our technology experts think on how this will impact your digital work environment.

Download and make sense of the IoT

These are some of the current projects

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Next Generation Workplace Platforms
These new platforms make access to technology services easy from a single footprint device.  Services such as desktop virtualization, environmental sensing and high performance storage and processing will be managed through single managed service contract.  Such platforms aim to make working life simpler and costs more transparent for enterprises with little or no in-house IT skills and resources.

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Wearable Technologies
For decades Konica Minolta has been famous for its optical skills and innovation – in recent years, the Research & Development teams have been working on applying high grade optics to wearable technologies.  The result is a prototype device which include gesture control, rapid response software and a holographic lens which allows the user to see data and the real world simultaneously.

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Collaboration Platforms
There are many online collaboration technologies but very few which allow simultaneous working with onscreen content, both in the room and remotely.  Konica Minolta has prototype software technologies which enhance collaboration through the use of multimedia which connects individuals and groups in an effective collaoboration environment which does not require special hardware.

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Augmented Reality
With world-leading partners in augmented reality technology, Konica Minolta has developed an easy-to-use augmented reality toolset which can make invisible data visible on packaging or paper, through mobile devices and wearables.  In addition to the toolset, pre-assembled applications are being developed for customer loyalty programmes, indoor navigation, meter reading and augmented maintenance in industrial environments.