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IT is fast becoming recognised as the enabler for anything and everything…digital transformation, new revenue streams, cost reduction and efficiency programmes, innovation through technologies such as AI, RPA…the list is endless.

Competing with the need to support and drive these strategic programmes, is the need to provide a highly robust, secure and scalable infrastructure.

Many IT leaders are struggling to cope with the complexity of what is required of them and whilst the demands upon IT grow every day, the resources, budget and expertise simply can't keep up.

At Konica Minolta, we help our customers overcome these challenges with a range of flexible services designed to give you more freedom and choice, allowing you to focus on delivering greater strategic value.

We believe businesses should have the freedom to tailor and flex the services they require to best suit their business needs. With our personalised and flexible approach, we ensure our customers have the right solution for their business – today and tomorrow.

We have developed an a la carte menu of services designed to deliver best fit solutions including:

Whether you currently outsource your operational IT, or have a team in house, we can help. From a fully managed programme, to specific services to complement your existing capability, contact us to find out more.

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Infographic: Facts & Figures - Infrastructure Management Services (IMS)