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Streamline manufacturing processes with digitisation and automation

While the demands on manufacturing businesses are becoming more and more complex, companies are also under pressure to improve their quality, reduce product lifecycles, enforce standards, and comply with regulations while minimising costs.

Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions enable your manufacturing organisations to enforce quality, product safety, and the traceability of raw materials. Besides they also improve engineering processes and decrease operational costs while ensuring compliance with standards and regulations.

Konica Minolta’s ECM solutions help you meet your business goals faster and more accurately than ever. If you’ve been running on paper documents and records, it’s time to change. Electronic output and payment processing solutions will streamline your office processes from end to end.


  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Support compliance initiatives
  • Improve customer and vendor relationships
  • Produce and deliver outbound documents and payments
  • Capture incoming documents
  • Automate workflows associated with procure-to-pay, product life cycle management, compliance, order-to-cash processes