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Enhance your educational efficiencies with powerful ECM

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is a powerful tool for managing information, meeting compliance regulations, and improving the overall performance of your enterprise or organisation. Our ECM systems can replace your paper-intensive processes with productivity solutions endorsed by analysts, consultants, and end-users.

As an educational institution such as a school, college or university, you are aware that both, documents and digital content are flying across your campus and beyond. Students, faculty staff, vendors and alumni all create and receive paper documents, e-mails, faxes, and web submissions at an unprecedented rate. Your institution’s ability to manage this constant flow of content determines how well you serve each of your constituents. With ECM solutions from Konica Minolta, you improve processing efficiencies, data security, and student services on and off the campus.

Our ECM can improve access to and control of documents and digital content. We give authorised users instant access to documents from existing applications such as Student Information Systems or ERP solutions with no programming changes. Our workflow solutions eliminate menial and manual work and enable your staff to focus on more important tasks to make your institution successful.


  • Improved document processing
  • Easily search and find a student's information
  • Reduce copying and storage costs
  • Make files available to any authorised secure user from any location
  • Eliminate printing and reprinting of student files
  • Improved document security