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E-mail Management



Save time and costs with automated e-mail communication and administration

These days, digital correspondence via e-mail much facilitates our business as well as private communication. However, considering the daily flood of electronic information, e-mail communication also has its downsides: The processing and administration of e-mails takes up valuable working time. With E-mail Management from Konica Minolta, you benefit from intelligent solutions that simplify this time-consuming task considerably. The solution is child’s play to operate, impresses with its versatility, reduces costs, and saves filing space.

All incoming and outgoing electronic mail goes exactly where it belongs – without any manual intervention. Our E-mail Management application automatically reads out and analyses the content of each and every business-relevant e-mail message as well as its attachments. Using Drag & Drop, the processed information is then centrally filed, securely and legally compliant – all of it traceable and entirely transparent, structured into individual transactions and digital files, and clearly separated into business and private topics. Your existing archiving and filing structure can easily be integrated. Lengthy searches for specific e-mails thus become a thing of the past!


  • Time savings and enhanced efficiency in the processing of e-mails
  • Automatic classification and rule-based archiving of all content
  • Traceable documentation of all processes
  • Revision-safe archiving of all e-mails and attachments
  • Automated data transfer to other application, individually extendable thanks to modular structure