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Contract Management



Enhance transparency and reduce costs with ideal contract administration

If you are dealing with contracts and agreements of all kinds on a daily basis, you know: Such documents frequently vanish in the archives of the concerned departments, which usually results in difficult and time-consuming searches; the general overview is quickly lost, and contract periods or deadlines are easily overlooked. All this means unnecessary time and money spent. This is where our digital contract management solution helps you administrate your corporate contract documents simply and effectively.

Whether you are concerned with operative contracts, framework agreements, licence or maintenance contracts plus the associated covenants – the digital capturing of all documents related to any individual contract (including e-mails, protocols, etc.) gives you an essential basis for enhanced control and a better overview.

From text searches through the entire content of a contract to the analysis of all relevant contract parameters – the information you need is available at the push of a button. The simple assessment of your contracts, for example with regard to their value or duration, considerably facilitates your financial controlling.

Thanks to the unified, complete mapping of all documents as well as the automatic generation of reminders, you never lose track of contract periods and deadlines. You can thus put missed deadlines behind you for good and use contract conditions to your best advantage.


  • Enhanced transparency due to central contract administration
  • Cost savings from fast searches and optimal use of all contract advantages
  • No missed deadlines thanks to automatic reminders
  • Maximised data security with revision-safe archiving and documented approval processes
  • Seamless integration into existing CRM / ERP systems