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Enhanced access to, confidentiality and security of personnel records

Effective document management can streamline HR processes helping enterprises save costs and increase their competitive edge.

A changing global workforce, increased security demands, limited budgets, rising costs – is your human resources team up to these challenges? Are you handling HR documents with best-in-class processes that save you time and money? Do your personnel policies attract and retain the best candidates? Does your HR approach add value to your business operations? For answers, take a closer look at Konica Minolta’s comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for HR departments.

Managing conventional personnel files poses more than one challenge for the Human Resources department: their handling is extremely time-consuming; they generate considerable paper and printing costs and let filing cabinets as well as archives overflow. But now you can end this document chaos. Meeting all the requirements of auditing acceptability, our tailored content management offerings are the perfect solution for the revision-safe archiving of confidential personnel records and will pay for itself in no time at all.

Discover how our ECM solutions can help improve your key HR processes by managing content in any form, speeding up all administrative workflows and enhancing security compliance.


  • Cost-effective streamlined HR workflow
    - Automatic integration of new documents into existing filing structures
    - Accelerated personnel processes with digital workflows
  • Enhanced services for current and prospective employees
  • Easier access to personnel records with convenient search and preview function
  • Reduces the burden of paper storage and retrieval costs
  • Eliminates misfiled or lost documents
  • Provides additional security for HR files - documents secured by document sensitivity and user access levels
  • Reduced IT demands due to low installation and training requirements