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Contract Management



Optimise your contract management with automated processes

To ensure competitiveness, businesses depend on fast and accurate contract processing – with systems in place for long-term management, improved access and secure archiving. But keeping track of paper can be a time-consuming and costly burden. Are you losing opportunities for renegotiation due to missed deadlines? Can you quickly retrieve the contract documents you need to prepare new estimates and update existing client relationships? Would instant access and complete visibility of contract creation and approval processes enable you to prepare documents more easily to support and increase your sales?

Konica Minolta’s comprehensive Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can provide the answers – a simple, automated process that manages your contracts from start to completion with automated processes that save time and money.


  • Streamlines manual contract processes
  • Provides instant access to archived contracts
  • Manages contract documents in any form
  • Stores contracts in a single repository
  • Allows instant access for all authorised employees
  • Simplifies the collaboration process
  • Enhances security compliance
  • Speeds up administrative workflows
  • Integrates with existing business systems