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Streamline invoice processing with accounts payable automation

To stay competitive, businesses need fast, accurate accounts payable (AP) processing – but keeping track of paperwork, faxes, e-mails and enquiries, usually is a costly, time-consuming job.

Are you managing your AP with best-in-class process automation - designed to deliver time savings, reduced errors and rapid return on investment (ROI)?


Incoming invoices to your organisation need to reach the appropriate staff for review, approval or coding as quickly as possible. However, many businesses find that their accounts payable processing is not as efficient as it could be. An automated AP operation would be better organised, resolve issues faster, and take advantage of early payment discounts available - all the while strengthening vendor relationships?

No matter how invoices arrive to your organisation, whether as paper or email attachments, an AP automation solution captures, organises and delivers those invoices, using comprehensive workflow and routing options, to the right people - fast.

In addition an AP automation solution can extract key information directly from an invoice to automatically check details against a supplier database, purchase order or internal ERP system. All of these capabilities mean less manual handling of invoices - reducing errors, the amount of time taken, and the cost of invoice processing.

Some of the benefits of Accounts Payable automation include:

  • Automated workflows that streamline time-consuming manual tasks
  • Real-time invoice validation to detect errors faster, resolve issues, and improve relationships with vendors and suppliers
  • Instant access to invoices awaiting processes. No more lengthy internal searches for invoices in paper form – access your invoices at anytime from anywhere
  • Improved workload distribution with full visibility into real-time invoice processing queues and status 

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